April 16th, 2020

lj idol

Green Room - Week 19

If you are reading this before 6pm - head on over to watch the Big Damn Band play their first ever livestream show: https://www.facebook.com/bigdamnband/

Will it have the same energy as their usual liveshows? Probably not, since they feed off the crowd and I don't know if they plan on setting anything on fire. But maybe there will be a cool spark or two. What else do you have to do? That's what I thought!

If you missed it - it will be available online for about 24 hours.


The results came in last night, so the Top 27 is now fully assembled: https://therealljidol.livejournal.com/1127105.html

The new topic is up: https://therealljidol.livejournal.com/1127378.html

and the Work Room is up there as well: https://therealljidol.livejournal.com/1127521.html


They just let us know that the work from home date has been pushed back to "for the foreseeable future." Which is good that we are keeping our jobs. It's of course bad because when I have a job that means bad things for the kids in my area.

We *will* get back to normal, but I think the only sensible way to do it is strategically, and regionally. More rural areas where social distancing is easier to do should definitely have restrictions lifted before cities. Certain businesses and services are going to be better at it than others, so they should be able to reopen first... it shouldn't be rocket science, but considering that there are people who still aren't even doing the minimum, it feels like they want people to die...

One of the crazy things about this situation is that the better we handle it, the more it will seem like an overreaction. Because the goal is to have fewer people get sick, and fewer people dying. So if you do it right - that's what will happen. Which of course will be greeted by "We shouldn't have done that!!!" *sigh* Some days are just really really frustrating.