April 13th, 2020

lj idol

Vote - Last Chance

A few words from Gary:

If you took a screenshot of this poll, and sent it to me a couple months ago and told me that this was the Final 6, I probably wouldn’t have been all that shocked.

But it’s not. It’s the final poll of Second Chances. 3 of these writers are being eliminated. 3 of them are returning to the main competition.

It’s one of those times when I’m really grateful that I vote for everyone, so the decision is taken out of my hands.

For you, the voter, though - you are being given an unexpected treat. 6 great entries to enjoy over the next two days.

Read. Comment. Vote for your favorites. Then spread the word. Tell other folks to do the same!

The poll closes Wednesday, April 15th at 9pm EST

Good luck to everyone!

Poll #2100800 Second Chance - Last Chance
This poll is closed.

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