March 30th, 2020

lj idol

Green Room - Week 17 - Day 10

The poll is up until tomorrow:


I've seen people say that commenting is down, and I know voting currently is down. It's funny though because I've had a couple former players (from previous seasons) contact me and say that I should start a new season because people are looking for something productive to do. I had to point out to them that there is actually a season happening *right now*. (and yes, they seemed embarrassed)

Which tells me that word just isn't getting out. LET PEOPLE KNOW that there is a distraction from quarantine happening *right here*. They can read some great entries, and vote on them - andw watch the polls! People still like clicking boxes! It's 100% coronavirus free!


The US is in lock-down until at least the end of April. Or rather parts of it are in various stages of lock-down.

What have you been doing to keep sane? Or, considering you are here, is sanity one of those things you gave up on long ago?