March 22nd, 2020

lj idol

Green Room - Week 17 - Weekend Edition

There are a few links to give out and then a couple requests to honor:

The main topic -
The Second Chance topic -
and the Work Room for those struggling and hoping to bounce some ideas off each other (or if you aren't struggling and feel like helping someone else out)


The first request was actually the second one to be received. But it's the most straight forward. Our Season 4 winner, Chite AKA Lynne AKA 4 is putting together a special creative project.

"Poetry for a Plague is an outlet for creativity during the American Coronavirus Quarantine. The project was conceived by Lynne Glowacki and is being done in coordination with others as the idea solidifies. At a time to be determined, works from this project will be published in a book."

Even though she says American, I'm sure she's open to anyone's work, from anywhere.

As opposed to if she said 'Merican, in which case only the people who live in my house would be eligible to submit.


Now for the other requests, this is a two parter. One of the requests was asking if I would consider doing another season of Idol Minor once this season ended. Yes. Yes I would. Sounds like a great idea to help people get through the summer.

The second part seems kind of insane on the surface for ME to be saying to YOU - but here it is anyway - TAKE COVID-19 seriously. It's not a hoax or some weird conspiracy. It's real. People are dying and the sooner we lock things down the sooner we can get back to regular life.

The person who asked me to say this has a close relative who isn't able to get a test, but is showing symptoms.

I personally know two other people in that same exact boat. Clearly, even with the time to prepare, the US still wasn't ready for this.

I know someone else, a family member actually, who is in a different boat. Due to his circumstances (having been recently in areas with a high level of outbreak) and all of the symptoms, and let's face it, luck - he was able to get a test. Despite being told that it would take 4 hours to get the results back (it immediately jumped to 6 hours after taking it), because it's the weekend, he may have to wait until Monday to hear back. Fortunately he's only in his 30s. But he's really hurting right now. If it's *not* the coronavirus, it's the most sick he's ever been. (and no, I have no been directly exposed to him. We're doing OK.) Just worried.

So please - this thing is nasty. Be safe.
The only thing in this universe that needs to take you down is me.