March 20th, 2020

lj idol

Green Room - Week 16 - Day 10

Welcome to the last day of Week 16. The last day of the poll

and the last day of me working in my office (for who knows how long). After coming up with the plan of having us come in half of the week, rotating staff, they finally realized that was a horrible plan and are moving all of us to working at home.

Which means that Cynthia will now be my supervisor. So I better be working hard! :D


How are YOU doing today?

How are you doing today?

How are you doing today?

lj idol

Results - Week 16

Yes, it's that time. The time for the worst thing that is happening anywhere this week- Idol eliminations.

I can't even imagine anything that might be worse than this. But together, we will find a way to get through it.

The good news is that those being eliminated from the main competition are automatically eligible to participate in Second Chance! So you can fight your way back!

Those 3 are:

and zedmanauk

I look forward to seeing you eventually get back in!

Which means that it's time for the Second Chance, and this is the bad news. Because once you are eliminated from Second Chance, you are eliminated.

But wow, there were some outstanding performances throughout the season from these 3.

As you might know, one of them fell on their sword - in a pretty surprising move since I was sure they were going to be one of the people who would make it back in.

Goodbye to our sacrifice, cnotesays as well as topaznebula and yamyam_kat. All of them are remarkable writers, who I hope are really proud of making it really far this season. Thank you for coming out, especially in these trying times. It means a lot.
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Topic - Second Chance - Week 5

As the Second Chance field continues to narrow, even with the new blood coming into it - you are going to need a plan on how to get back into the competition.

It's time for you to start figuring out your path to make that happen.

It's time for this week's topic to be


The deadline to link your entry back to this thread is Thursday, March 26th at 7pm EDT.

Have fun!
lj idol

Work Room - Week 17 and SC Week 5

The topic for the main competition is up:

and so is the one for Second Chance:


I've made the deadline a little longer this week. I know that this might not be the first thing on anyone's mind. But not too much longer, because I also know that there are a lot of people who want this as a creative channel to focus on.


How are you doing with these topics and writing right now in general? How do you find inspiration when the world is falling down around you?