January 6th, 2020

lj idol

Green Room - Week 10 - Day 6

There is a poll happening: https://therealljidol.livejournal.com/1096912.html


I've been asked some questions - so I'm going to use this "first REAL week of 2020" as an excuse to answer:

- Is there going to be a reset of the tribes anytime soon?

Technically, this is going to be the first elimination from these tribes, since the last one was called off as a Christmas gift.
The Glass Cliff Tribe is at a severe disadvantage, but that's the choice they made, even the newbies involved (unless they missed it, and then why aren't you looking at the Work Rooms??) saw people saying that when there are multiple topics that I tend to break the group into multiple tribes based on the topic. Then again, another contestant pointed out that the problem with waiting until last minute to decide which topic to submit for is that so many folks are submitting at the last minute, so it's impossible to know.

So - once again, you guys are screwing folks over by waiting until last minute! Clearly YOU are the evil ones! ;)

None of which answers the original question of "Will there be a reset?" Which is Yes.
"Soon?" No comment.
"Before the poll closes?" No. I'm not even sure how a group could be reorganized before a poll ends. Not technically possible without closing the poll, which would then mean that it didn't happen before the poll closed. :D

I like all of those Glass Cliff folks too. Unlike the people in those "other" tribes who are all horrible. No one cares about them apparently. ;)

Unfortunately, it's a poll and not "Gary decides who goes home each week" - which would be awesome. We should totally do that.

- Will there be a season at Dreamwidth?

Following this season, there will be a mini-season at DW. I promised it at the end of last mini season. No time table for that because I haven't started planning that one yet. We're still involved with Season 11, we haven't even gotten to Second Chance yet! Slow down people!!!

- When will Second Chance start?

When I announce it.
Completely unrelated, that wedding that I am going to in New Orleans is between Jan 16th and the 20th. Will I give myself more work before or after that trip? During the trip? It's a mystery!

- How are you so awesome?

Years of practice.

- Ricky Gervais at the Golden Globes?

Not really a question. But yes, he hosted. They knew who he is when they hired him the 5th time. Anyone all that surprised by anything he said must never have seen Ricky Gervais before. :)