December 6th, 2019

lj idol

Green Room - Week 8 - Day 5

I just officially pushed back the deadline until Sunday

Hopefully that will help get more of you in with entries this week.

If you decide to go with something different/took a bye but can now write (basically anything that would mean what I currently have for you is no longer accurate) - make sure to let me know!

I guess the "spirit of the holidays" has gotten into me. Or maybe I just want to torture more of you this week.


How has "the spirit of the holidays" gotten to you?

It doesn't seem that long ago that I was sitting alone in my apartment, watching marathons of DVDs to keep me company (which is what I did before I had a computer of my own).

There were a few years where I just wanted Christmas to be over. It just felt so cold and empty.

I've gotten so very lucky. There are times when I can't believe just how lucky I am.


Anyway, before I start showing "emotions" - if you are interested in a Golden Ticket (the extra bye you can use until the Top 40), they are $5 each - let me know via paypal - and thank you to everyone who has already gotten yours! (or in the case of a couple folks, got them and anonymously donated them to other contestants!)