December 5th, 2019

lj idol

Green Room - Week 8 - Day 4

Tomorrow is the deadline:
and entries are looking really light. So hopefully that means there will be a rush of them in the next 24 hours or so.

As has been discussed before - different folks have different schedules, and I know writing during the week is rough for some. Whereas others can't do it over the weekend. Which is why I keep changing things up. Of course, there are also some retired folks in the mix, and as my Mom keeps reminding me, when you are retired you really aren't sure what day it actually is! :)

It's also a good time to remind you that Golden Ticket byes are still available. Because if this trend continues, a lot of folks are going to need some extra byes! :)


Christmas is cancelled btw.

Not sure if you got the memo.

Well, to be exact, Cynthia's work Christmas party is cancelled. To be even more exact, as far as I know it's still happening - but we aren't going.

We have other obligations.

The fact that they announced that, for the first time in decades that there would be NO Christmas bonus, wasn't really a factor in our cancelling. Other people cancelling - yeah, I'm sure it pushed a few others over the edge... three other couples cancelled within 24 hours of that announcement.

I'm going to miss it. It's the only real chance I get to pretend that I'm an actual functioning adult who hangs out at the Yacht Club with other fancy people. :D

The decorations are always beautiful - and since we have no Disney pass, that probably means we aren't going to make the trip over to see the decorations at the resorts. Yes, we will most likely go through a couple neighborhoods who put up a lot of Christmas lights. But that's a different thing. (But still really cool)

re: the "no bonus" thing. I've never had a Christmas bonus that involved money. I *once* received a gift card to the grocery store. But that was an one time thing. So I never factor any sort of bonus into my calculations. I just don't work at those kinds of jobs.

They actually announced it *at their Christmas pot luck*. So less than a month from Christmas, the owner says "You aren't getting a large chunk of money that you have always received and probably planned on having". She's lucky that she didn't hire Clark Griswold. We know how that turned out... :D I'm really not sure why anyone would do that.

Then again, at last year's Christmas Party at *my* job, at the end we were all told to go back to work! So managers make bad for morale decisions all the time...

What has been YOUR worst work holiday related news?