September 20th, 2019

lj idol

Green Room - Week 0 - Day 9

The first poll is up for the Week 0/Introduction -

I've given you extra time in this Week 0 (and probably will during the first few weeks) because it's important to take the time to read each other's work and comment. Everyone likes acknowledgement, so stop in and say hi - and remember to vote for your favorites! You can vote for as many entries as you feel compelled to support.

In future weeks those votes are going to be what determines who stays and who leaves us. So keep that in mind as you see people putting out work you enjoy - that without your support, they won't last as long as they "should". We are in this together. Well, YOU are in this together. I am the guy who put you into the locked room together with assorted weapons and a key on the far side of the room to see what would happen! :)

Idol polls are things of beauty - and this is a small one! So that's a good thing about Livejournal's decline, if it had been another 300ish person poll, I probably would have never gone to sleep!


I've been asked if I could extend the deadline to sign up given that LJ has been giving folks problems. It was also pointed out that I "usually" give people until the first deadline to sign up. I'm a sucker for tradition, so sure - I will give you until the Week 1 deadline to join us.

It also gives people more time to take advantage of that referral program of getting two friends to sign up - and if they survive Week 4, you get an extra bye.

I can sense the old timers who are returning laughing at how soft I've gotten over the years! :D it's true.


Speaking of byes, I think I can say now that based on the numbers, that everyone will receive *2 byes*.

For those who don't know what that is, a bye is a sports term for a week where the teams take off and don't have to play. It means exactly the same, but in Idol you can use yours at any time between Week 1 and the Top 50.

Instead of posting an entry, just post that you are using your bye. That's B-Y-E. For some reason folks seem to think it's buy. It is not. :)


Happy Pelikan Hub Day to all those who celebrate!! (it's a fountain pen thing. You don't need to google it unless you like diving into those waters, or like free stuff)


What do you have planned for this weekend - other than reading entries?