September 7th, 2019

lj idol

Green Room - Sign Up Week - Weekend Edition

Good Afternoon!

The sign up sheet is active and seeing a nice combination of old friends and newbies. So please make sure to keep spreading the word!

Is anyone doing anything exciting this weekend? Hopefully it involves avoiding going to see It: Chapter Two. I was really excited for it to come out. Now that it has, I wish I could get back that time before I had gone to see it.


I mentioned yesterday that I wanted to start giving some "Idol advice", not just for newbies but as refreshers for veterans who may have been away for awhile. Some of this is general advice for writing but some is just things I've noticed over the years of reading Idol entries.

Things like:

- Topics are jumping off points for your creativity. You don't need pigeonhole the actual words into the entry. This goes double for starting off anything "I didn't know what to write this week"/"The topic this week is _____" If you need to write those to get yourself into gear - that's fine. I think there are a lot of people that need to just put words on the page until something starts to form. Just edit them out before posting. A strong opening will grab people's attention. A highly meta one tends to get folks to tune out.

- You will have byes. (the amount will be determined based on how many people sign up) A bye is a "free week", where you can take it off and not write anything. Use them strategically according to your needs. I've seen folks burn through them all at the start, just because a topic didn't grab them. But then when a real life emergency (or even a personal schedule conflict) came up and they couldn't write anything that week, they ended up being eliminated.

- Just as a reminder, if you are writing under an account other than your main one, please let me know. That helps in moderating voting as well as keeping track of "weeks survived")

Any other advice that people should remember?

Any questions that people (especially newbies) have?