April 18th, 2018

lj idol

Idol Minor - Season 2 - Sign Up Sheet

Good Evening.

The rules for Idol Minor are simple:

It was open to any writer, or creative person, between the ages of "old enough to tell cool stories" to 12. While everyone understands that the younger participants will need the help of an adult to post, the less "Adult editing" of the work, the better.

I will post a topic once a week. The writers will use that topic to inspire their creation. They will post (or someone will post for them) in a journal/blog and link that entry to the original topic post as a comment.

There WILL be a poll. But no one will be eliminated. There is no "winner", other than us for getting to read bright new talent, and them for creating stuff, and hopefully having some fun at it.

The season starts May 1st and will run 4 weeks.

If you want to sign up (or sign someone else up, in the case of a parent/guardian) post your intentions in the comments below!