February 6th, 2018

lj idol


What am I supposed to say here?

You would think I would have gotten better at this. But it doesn't come any easier.

I had hoped my next post here would be a fun announcement of the kids season followed by the mini season. Actually I started work on them last night...

But that was last night.

This is today, and today I received the news that alexpgp lost his battle with cancer.

You are all "equal" in my eyes - but I don't think I've ever been shy that he was one of my all time favorite writers. On top of that, he was an all around decent human being that I enjoyed emailing with.

I wish I had his words and his way of telling a story, so I could use it to say something here. But the moment is too raw.

Please keep his family and friends in your thoughts and prayers - and go back through the archives and read some of his stuff. Because it deserves to be read. It deserves to be remembered. HE deserves to be remembered.

The world has lost an amazing talent, and a wonderful man.