September 7th, 2017

lj idol

Green Room - Week 30 - Day 3

The poll is up until tonight:

It will be interesting to see who did well last week, when there wasn't an elimination, and who will end up going tonight. The line seems really small right now. 1 or 2 voters may end up making that decision. So make sure to get the word out!

I was just listening to the Nerdist Writer's Panel podcast's interview with Alice Cooper, who honestly, isn't someone that I've ever paid much attention to in the first place. Obviously, I know who he is... but not in any in-depth way.

The thing that I heard that made me go "I need to bring this up" is his friendship with Groucho Marx.

Apparently, Groucho used to bring his friends - including Jack Benny and George Burns, to the Alice Cooper shows and they would watch from the wings.

Their bond was that Groucho recognized what Alice was doing as part of the vaudeville tradition. Despite being, on the surface, completely different people who most folks would never imagine being friends - their art brought them together.

That's what I love about Idol. It's a shared love of writing bringing people together. It's something that I hope can continue, in one form or another because I think it's really important.
lj idol

Results - Week 30

Every week is a blow.

This week is definitely following suit with that standard.

It would have been regardless of the result. But there's something special with this time...

because this isn't just a regular elimination. There's two announcements that are in play as well.

Before we get to that though, I want to congratulate marlawentmad on her immunity this week! I'm pretty sure she forgot about it, but the Jury had one last immunity to give, and she received it!

So even if she didn't recall, she was guaranteed a spot in the final 4.

With that out of the way, it's time for the bad news. BY A SINGLE VOTE - We are losing j0ydivided.

What some of you know is that isn't the name everyone knows her by - she was one of two people left playing with an alias. Which also meant that several weeks ago, I couldn't make the announcement I wanted to make...

that we had a new member of the 100 Week Club! (actually it's 109 now)

Congratulations kickthehobbit and I'm really sorry to see you go, even though I know you're pretty busy right now anyway.

I hope we will see you around supporting your favorites!

Thank you for being awesome.
lj idol

Topic - Week 31

It's the Final 4!!!

And yes, Season 5 had a finale at 4, and yes, I did consider doing that again. But ultimately I didn't.

If I had though, it would have definitely been an exciting one.

But I'm pretty sure that it's going to be exciting regardless, as our foursome goes forth to write their

Swan Song

The deadline to link your entry back to this thread is Tuesday, Sept 12th at 8pm EDT

Have fun!