August 5th, 2017

lj idol

Green Room - Week 27 - Weekend Edition

Until I completely deleted my internet history, I'd been getting a error since last night every time I tried to come onto Idol via computer. Since I wasn't having trouble seeing it on my phone,I finally just cleared my history, and here we are!

Which just goes to show - something it's not LJ causing problems. Sometimes it's just good ole fashion user error!

The new topic is up:

and there isn't a Work Room this week. Mostly because I've been getting the feeling that this group really doesn't need it at this point. If I'm wrong though, please let me know if it should return going forward.


What do YOU have going on this weekend? I don't have much happening. I'll probably watch the new episode of Australian Survivor, because that version has been better than the US one. And of course Game of Thrones, which I will be watching at it's normal time, not the hack that leaked the episode (and a lot of other personnel information from the sounds of it).