July 25th, 2017

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Vote - Week 25

A few words from clauderainsrm:

This is one of the few times this season that I’ve been able to read everything before the poll went up. Not the “scan everything and go back later to actually read” that usually happens, but take some time to actually read them.

I mention that because there are entries this week that actually made me say “Wow” when I got to the end. Which is what they should be doing at this point in the competition.

Of course, my personal “Wow” isn’t someone else’s “Wow”, which is a lesson we all learn week after week… so if there is something you love, make sure to *tell people about it*! That’s the only way they are going to know to check it out, and given how close the votes have been lately, that one extra person coming in to see what the buzz is about might just be what keeps someone in the competition!

There are 11 contestants left, and this week we will be losing *1*, so that we will be at the Top 10!

Of course, the Jury will have their say in giving someone immunity - and *spoiler alert* the Legacy Advantage expires this week. So there are 2 slots that will be already filled. Which means the rest of you need to make sure it isn’t you, alone in the spotlight of goodbye.

Whoever it is though, it’s going to be rough. Because this is definitely a talented group of writers, and people that I, personally, enjoy a great deal. But that’s the nature of the beast… we keep going until there is one person left standing!

So make sure to Read, Comment on and about, and Vote for your favorite entries!

The poll closes Friday, July 28th at 9pm EDT

Good luck to everyone!

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lj idol

Green Room - Week 25 - Day 5

I came across some questions posted in a thread elsewhere, so I'll answer them here. Because that's what I do, stalk people... I mean, answer questions...

While I'm posting them though, you should be over checking out all the entries at http://therealljidol.livejournal.com/1034591.html and deciding who will be our Top 10!

There was some talk about last week's voting and how the poll numbers have been going down. I've noticed. Which is why I keep emphasizing how important it is for folks to spread the word. Because this thing can't operate in a vacuum and Livejournal is a bit of a vacuum in and of itself these days. (and Dreamwidth continues to be a little worse from what I've been hearing) Which means that bringing fresh eyes to what's happening here is important. Granted, some people don't like tying their social media accounts together, and I get that. And some people just don't really have an social media presence at all to begin with... I get that as well. It just makes it a little more difficult and hopefully the people who *do* have those, and don't have a problem with mentioning other sites can continue to push the word out. Especially former contestants and those lurking.

One thing that may surprise folks - actually, it probably *will* surprise folks is that not every contestant votes. Not going to point any fingers here, but last week, the week where people were talking about a low turn-out, there were about 4 of the 13 who didn't... stuff happens. But it's pretty regular for not every contestant to vote, not even for themselves. Which given how many weeks have ended with someone leaving due to a single vote - that's crucial. I've said it before, and I will repeat it forever - if you can't believe in your own work enough to vote for it, why should anyone else?

Again though, people build their own priorities and their own set of rules over what they will and will not do - and there are some (past and present) who want to live and die solely by whatever the people who happen to walk into the room at any given time think of their entry for that week.

Oh, and there was a comment about who can vote - that one is really important. Other than those rare weeks with a special vote, anyone can vote. You can have a LJ, Open ID account, FB, Twitter, and a couple Russian based sites that I've never heard of... and you can cast a vote! (Just make sure to only use *1* of those... because voting multiple times is "not cool".)

The only people who can't vote are that list of those who are banned... which includes trolls and people who proved that they really can't handle playing nice with others to the extent that they just had to blocked. Believe me, if you are one of those folks, you'd know it. Which means, if you aren't - then absolutely show up to make your voice heard!

There was an idea (that I've heard before, because at this point I've heard most things before... :D) ) at there should be separate "Fiction Idol" and "Non-Fiction Idol"... which I'll come right out and say I'm not doing twice the work. ;) Also, and I think this is important thing to point out - that it's the diversity of work that is important. I WANT an atmosphere where people can show up with fiction, and then tell a real life story, and submit a comic, then a screenplay, and write a song and record themselves singing it. That is exciting to me. That is what I think Idol is, and should be at it's core - a place where writers can create whatever they want, in whatever format fires up their muse that week.

People like what they like though - and I get that some people would rather see more fiction - and others would rather see more non... and to that I'll just come back around to an earlier point and say *vote for it*. Everything comes down to voting. If you want to see less of a certain thing, don't support it. If you want to see more of something else - support it. Vote. Tell your friends about things you enjoy. That's how each season is shaped, by the people who show up and are passionate about what Idol is, and can be.


I was also reminded, and had to go check, that Season 8 was almost *6 years ago*... which means we've been doing mini seasons and longer breaks for longer than we haven't. Which, that's interesting to me, considering just how much of Idol history is in those first 7... I've been leaning strongly toward a "pop up" mini-season sometime in the Fall or early Winter. I'll keep you informed as those plans crystalize. Right now though, my goals are finishing this season with a bang and another Idol Minor to start the school year off right.