June 21st, 2017

lj idol

Green Room - Week 21 - Day 11

I was sitting here, waiting for emails to roll in (and "doing my work") and thinking "How can I torture these people a little more?"

Because, when you get right down to it, that's my REAL job!

I realized that I actually did have something I could bring up.

There are 20 slots in the week following the Gatekeeper round. Unless something goes completely haywire, only 20 of you are emerging from out of the other side of this week.

Granted, this might make some people breathe easier. Or maybe it will heighten the tension...

But looking at the votes, even if these people don't show up on a single ballot going forward, they have a spot in that Top 20.

and the people who are currently in a deadlocked vote for the Jury's immunity award? They *are not* on this list... meaning that things could get interesting tonight!

People who will be moving forward, in alphabetical order:


That's 6 of the 20 spots, already filled. There are a few other people who are close to that mark... in fact if I were to take the people who were 1 vote away from where I consider to be "a lock", that's 10 of those slots that are filled.

So, congratulations to you 6, and good luck to everyone else! I'll see you later tonight!
lj idol

Thank You

Every season I reach out to previous winners, fan favorites/notable figures from seasons past as well as an assortment of people that I trust, who are seeing your entries for the first time.

As scary as it is to wait for the results to find out if you are going to be continuing in the competition, it's equally as scary for me - putting the fate of one of the things that is dearest to me in the hands of someone else. I do it every week, with public voting, but at least I can count on you guys to promote your work and hopefully to bring new eyes to the process.

With this? I get nervous about what they are going to think, and I hope that each time will measure up to the mark that has been set in every season previous.

Of course, this time around I waited longer than I ever have - and assigned a topic meant to make you think outside the box, and truth be told, throw you off your usual routine. I wanted you to deliver something special, and thankfully, I think you did.

So thank you to the writers who took part in this process, but really, this Thank You isn't really about you - it's about those people who answered the call. There were a few who had Real Life get in the way, those who really wanted to be here. But that's the case every time. I think those who took the time to show up, read the entries, and make a decision about who they thought were the best of the best this week - they are truly generous souls who I am extremely thankful to know.

Before we get to their decision, it's important to take a moment to thank them for collectively coming to those decisions. It wasn't easy.

Your Gatekeepers for Season 10 were

tinhuviel - Winner of LJ Idol Season 1. The one who started it all!! Check out her Vampire Relics Trilogy!

whipchick - Winner of LJ Idol Season 9 Allison K Williams has written about race, culture and comedy for NPR, CBC, The New York Times, The Christian Science Monitor and McSweeney's. She has told stories on Snap Judgment, Love Me and The Moth. Her fiction has appeared in Crossed Genres, Smokelong Quarterly and Deep South; essays in Kenyon Review Online, The Drum and Brevity. Allison blogs as the Social Media Editor at Brevity and hosts the Brevity Podcast. Her website is at www.idowords.net where you can also sign up for her occasional Tiny Letter with adventures, travel and writing tips.

John Debono isn't a name you would know. He doesn't even have anything to hype and doesn't really want me mentioning anything about why I thought he was a good choice. So let's just leave it at he's a really good choice.

myrna_bird hasn't around for a couple of seasons, but any veteran who was around during her seasons will probably be smiling knowing that she was around for this. She is easily one of the most beloved figures in Idol history.

The next Gatekeeper has shown up under various user names over the years, but probably the best known of them was serpentpixie. She didn't have anything to promote, so I'll just say that she definitely would make *my* All Star LJ Idol season. If you get to go back through the archives at any point, check her stuff out.

joeymichaels- Winner of LJ Idol: Friends and Rivals mini season. Idol Legend. He does some other stuff. Check all of it out!

Another "Blast from the Past" is Fey Publishing owner. You may know her as pixiebelle or as Kristen. But you definitely will know her! She is actually a couple weeks away from joining the LJ Idol 100 Weeks club. Unfortunately, real life has kept her from returning. But it's always nice when she is able to help out like this!

When I asked the next person, she said "sure", and indicated that she couldn't recall if she'd ever been a Gatekeeper before. She had. When she looked it up, it turns out the last time she had done it was 2009. That's how you can tell that LJ Idol has been around for a long time, when intrepia shows up once every 8 years! :) You can check out what she is doing now over at her blog https://possibleday.com

From old friends, to new ones. As soon as uselesstinrelic dropped out earlier this season, I knew they were someone that I wanted to invite back for something special. As it turned out, they were available to be a Gatekeeper, becoming the first of this "new generation" of Idol contestants to fill that role! "I'm a 30 something artsy type from the Pacific Northwest. I really love puns. I also make art. My website is www.meandrousart.com

suesniffsglue - Winner of LJ Idol Season 9, she's here to hand off the crown to the next winner!! But not literally hand over a crown, she's keeping that. I keep saying that so-and-so is special or one of my favorites, but yeah... ;)

" lrig_rorrim, aka Cislyn Smith, is an LJI veteran, member of the 100 weeks club, and the co-winner of Exhibit B. Her poetry and stories have appeared in Star*Line, The Best of Electric Velocipede, Strange Horizons, Flash Fiction Online, Remixt Magazine, and Cthulhu Haiku 2. Cislyn is a submissions editor for Uncanny Magazine. She is currently in the middle of a year-long collaborative Patreon project, CC:Otherworlds, sending weird art and stories in the mail once every two weeks. "

And last, but certainly not least, is Darlena aka notodette. Her Wikipedia entry lists her credits as including " The Washington Post, The Atlantic,The Huffington Post and Time." But I know there are more than that. She teaches journalism at the University of Florida.
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Results - Week 21

The week seemed to last forever, but it is now at an end.

Unfortunately, that means that the end has come for some others as well.

Some of you.

This isn't going to be an easy list to be through, so let's start it off with the good news - who received immunity from the Jury.

This was a close decision. It came down to a *single vote*. Ultimately though, it goes to alycewilson.

Normally, this would be good. Given how close things were, I decided to add a 21st spot rather than go into a tie-breaker. So, congratulations alycewilson, and thank you to our Jury!

Going into this vote, we also knew that lilmissmagic71 and dmousey were leaving.

There are some names though that I wasn't expecting to be writing tonight. It's pretty brutal, but even-handed with a mix of veterans and newbies (not that most of the Gatekeepers had any idea of that.), and at one point or another during this season every single person leaving had one of my favorite entries of the week. But that's the way it always is going to be. It just goes to show that no one is ever safe.

So, let's just pull the bandaid off as quickly as possible:

Goodbye (and Welcome to the Jury! See, there's a upside!) to:


Thank you so much for coming out this season, and helping to make it so special. I'll see you on the Jury! (and hopefully continuing to hang out and Home Game!)
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Work Room - Week 22

Here we are at the Top 20, and with some pretty big choices in front of us -

You can Turn Back or Forge Ahead.

Or you can go with a Winnie the Pooh reference. :) http://therealljidol.livejournal.com/1026063.html

Whatever you decide, now or from this point forward - the end of Season 10 is within sight. There are going to be some obstacles, but there is just a little while to go. Now that we've officially entered Summer - despite being a small and rather unusual season, we've have gone through all of the calendar cycles together, and it's time to make sure that every week you are bringing whatever you can to the table!

Obviously, the Work Room is where you hash out ideas. So, what ideas (that you can share) do you have for how you are going to make it to the end from here? ;)