June 10th, 2017

lj idol

Green Room - Week 20 - Weekend Edition

Good afternoon!

Or should I say "Good" whatever episode of Orange is the New Black you are currently watching. Despite plans to do so, we actually haven't started yet.

Not so good is the fact that Adam West just passed away. Which, makes sense when a 88-year old passes away. But there are just some icons that you think are going to figure out a way to stick around forever.

and of course, speaking of people who will "be around forever", we will be losing two folks tonight. http://therealljidol.livejournal.com/1021912.html

It's up to you to decide which two it's going to be.

So if you want to advocate for yourself, or someone else, this really is the best time to do that, before it's too late...
lj idol

Results - Week 20

Two amazing runs come to an end tonight.

One of them continued to stretch out her lead with the "Most Weeks in Idol" and the other has been building her own resume over the past few seasons!

But there can only be one left standing at the end, which means that sooner or later, all the rest must fall.

Goodbye to roina_arwen and ryl, but I'm really happy that both of you will be on the Jury. You definitely are two people that I would *choose* to help direct the rest of the season.

I hope we will continue to see you around in the Home Game, and in the Green Room!


Speaking of the Jury, I would normally lead off with who they awarded immunity to this week, but since it didn't end up having an impact, I decided to end with the good news rather than lead with it.

It was another close week, coming down to a single vote. (someone else who was equally safe)

Congratulations to rayaso for being selected!
lj idol

Topic - Week 21

Most of the time I just give you a word or two and send you on your way.

This time is a little different.

This is a "throwback" topic. We've had it in previous seasons and it always produces some interesting results!

There are instructions with it, which isn't usually the case for topics. But just go with it! ;)

Current Events

Find a story in your local/state news and use that as the jumping off point for your own entry.

Make sure to include a link to the original piece so people can check it out!


The deadline to link your entry back here is Thursday, June 15th at 8pm EDT

Have fun!
lj idol

Work Room - Week 21

As I said in the Topic post http://therealljidol.livejournal.com/1023224.html, this is one of my favorite topics of all time, so much so that every season I keep threatening to make it a “recurring topic” for tie-breakers.

The topic is all about getting inspiration from the events literally swirling around you. Sometimes that’s all it takes when you are out of ideas, just looking at the newspaper (or the online version these days) and finding that one article that sparks something inside of you!

Which is why I always tell folks to seek out their local papers, the stuff that is happening in their town or close by - because inspiration is happening out there every day!

You just have to stop, look, and pay attention to what is around you!