June 6th, 2017

lj idol

Green Room - Week 20 - Day 4

What's that sound?

It's the deadline, coming down the track, right at you.

Don't wait for Reality Winner to post it for you, do it yourself!


There are still a lot of people who need to jump off the tracks before 8pm EDT today!


Which is a better sound than our English friends have been hearing lately. Then again, being English, they have likely put it out and mind and gone out for a pint, or a nice cup of tea.

In any case - we're thinking of you folks... I'm not saying *what* we're thinking of you, but they are thoughts - and that counts for *something*! ;)
lj idol

Vote - Week 20

A few words from clauderainsrm:

I said “Open Topic” and “bring your A-game”.

Which means Veterans know exactly what week this is…

That’s right, it’s time for the G…. nah, It’s just a regular poll. :)

I’m sure there were some people out there worrying though. Which is always nice.

This was the last week for the byes that were given to those who participated in Break Week, as well as well as those given as a “Thank You” to LJ Idol Patrons, could be used. Two of them were, slipped those two individuals one step closer to the Top 25!

As for the rest of you, you are going to have to work for it!

From what I’ve seen when I was posting the links to the poll, it looks like this week that decision could be difficult.

Fortunately, we are only going to be losing 2 this time around. Well, fortunately for everyone who is not one of those at the bottom.

The Jury will also be giving out immunity this week, so that could alter the course of who those are as well!

So make sure to read, comment and vote for your favorites - and let other people know they need to come out and do the same! Especially as the numbers dwindle, it becomes easier for folks to jump in and read everything in a way that they might not have been able to do in the past! So now is a great time to get their attention!

The poll closes Saturday, June 10th at 9pm EDT

Good luck to everyone!

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