May 26th, 2017

lj idol

Vote - Week 19

A few words from clauderainsrm:

It’s funny, because I know how close we are to the end, but I was looking at the number of entries this week and thought “Where is everyone?” only to realize that we were only missing two people.

In this case, two 1 surprising people person. I had to check to make sure that neither were on the list of people who still have immunities, and that no one had a standing offer for them to get one. Unfortunately, they did not. (See Note in Comments for further explanation, but j0ydivided is STILL IN the competition. She however, has a Patron bye that is being used on her behalf)

Goodbye to two amazing writers, and pretty great people as well - fodschwazzle and j0ydivided.

They will definitely be missed, but I hope we will continue to see them in the Home Game - and their presence will be felt as part of the Jury that will help shape this last part of the competition!

As for the rest of you - 2 of you have invitations to elimination… we just don’t know which two yet.

Help us decide!

Read. Comment. Vote for your favorites! Then spread the word for your friends to do the same! Support the writers you want to see get into the Top 30.. Top 20… Top 10… and beyond…

It’s a long weekend in ‘Merica, which means it’s going to be a long time to read as well, I’m giving you some extra days since I know a lot of people will be busy this weekend.

The poll closes Thursday, June 1st at 9pm EDT So really there’s no excuse to NOT vote!

Good luck to everyone!

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