May 19th, 2017

lj idol

Green Room - Week 18 -Day 8

The new poll is up: so make sure to support your favorites.


There is also a poll here. Not a formal one, and certainly not a binding one.

I still want to talk this through with some folks who will probably end up being heavily involved with the actual implementation of any of this, but I also want to put up a balloon and see what the response is.

Now that we are a little away from the initial responses to "LJ-ServerGate" (although in looking it up this morning, I realize that less actual time has passed than I thought. It's just things are longer in internet time than they are in reality), I was wondering where you were with it.

More importantly, where are you in regard to Idol.

On the table, right now, I want to do another Idol Minor (a mini season for kids) and I have the concept for a mini-season that if it worked out has the potential to be the "new template" for this sort of thing, and *may* be what we are going forward.

Here's the rub though - I don't know what's happening with LJ a month from now much less later this year. I don't know if this is blowing over the way most of the LJ-gates have (regardless of how passionate people get over the issue, they have always come back). I've seen people I know posting more over at Dreamwidth, and but I've heard there really isn't a lot of community there. Granted, Idol moving might *create* that...

Of course, there is also an added expense to Dreamwidth, in that I would need to buy paid accounts for both Idol and my personal account (where I test the code to make sure it's still working... as well as figuring out what needed to be changed in the poll code to make sure it worked... Patreon is nice for a little extra I can use toward the internet bill, which THANK YOU to our Patrons for that, but it doesn't cover the DW move... )

There's also the "third option" of moving into our own space. But that space would have to be created and that takes time and money. (I have to get back to talking to someone and hearing more about at least one option on the table in regard to that.) But, of course, that's completely remaking the wheel.

And, of course - because I can hear it now, there's the "You should stop trying to keep it alive and let it die". That's from people who think whenever they leave the room, all the lights should be turned out. :)

Factored in to all of this is that my life, and time availability aren't what they used to be. I still can make it work, but if Idol were the size, and as active, it was back in Season 7, I might be in trouble. :D) (and no, before anyone volunteers, I'm NOT looking for someone else to take over - or even "help run things")

I go through these emotional waves when I don't see much happening in the Green Room and I think "Well, it was a good run..." and then I read the entries and I can excited again, because damnnit, these things are out there - existing in the world because I bothered to care. (and forced you to write them, under threats of ultra violence!)

I'm still making up my mind on what to do. And given that people tend to respond to these kinds of posts, there will probably be another update later in the season when I say much the same thing. Mostly because I want to take the temperature.

So open up and say "ahhh", or I will have to try this another way....