May 14th, 2017

lj idol

Green Room - Week 18 - Weekend Edition

Happy Mother's Day to all of you who are Mothers or have a Mother. Happy Mutha's Day to the rest of you bad muthas!


The topic is up:
The Work Room is active with people trying to find Intersection partners:
and there is a handy spreadsheet that was created to keep track of the partners, and who is still available:

I do notice that 2 of those 6 still available are a RL couple, so it may actually only be 4 of you trying to figure it out.


What did you do this weekend?

I went to see The Shins!
And tonight I'm going to watch the new episode of Survivor New Zealand. Yes, the internet is amazing - although so far, the show isn't.

I've heard good things about the new episode of Doctor Who, but haven't watched it yet - I'm also several episodes behind on Class. (although the US is about a year behind aren't we?)

Oh, and I've started watching season 2 of Master of None. Really strong so far!