May 8th, 2017

lj idol

Vote - Week 17

A few words from clauderainsrm:

Due to unforeseen circumstances, I’ll be extending the deadline by…. Just kidding! The deadline is past. Now it’s time for judging and death. Mostly death.

Or being voted out.

And isn’t that the same thing?

Unfortunately, n8tastrophe chose the kind of death called “going on vacation and unable to get anything in”.

I was hoping he would be getting a lot further, and, if he was going to go down, that it would be swinging. Alas, that’s not how life works out sometimes.

Hopefully we will see him in the Home Game.

That does leave his tribe down a person though, which just made life a little more interesting for them. Especially since there is another tribe that has it a little easier by having an extra person.

I don’t want to have things *too* uneven though - so fortunate has favored the bold. The very first person to stick their hand in the box has gained the Legacy Advantage this week. Congratulations to fodschwazzle! Send me an email and I'll let you know what that is, as far as Idol is concerned. :)

Did I say tribes?

Oh yes, there were 4 topics. There are 4 tribes, separated out by the chance of when you sent me that email!

We will be losing one contestant from each tribe.

So make sure to read, comment, and vote for your favorites, so they will make it another week!

The poll closes Thursday, May 11th at 9pm EDT

Good luck to everyone!

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