March 3rd, 2017

lj idol

Green Room - Week 10 - Day 5

The poll is up for the main competition:

And for those hoping for a Second Chance, there is the sign-up and a topic


Continuing the thoughts from yesterday - and stuff that I didn't get to answer because I ran out of time/got distracted looking at wedding photos. :)

- I'm very much interested in there being another season of Idol Minor. I loved doing it, but it wasn't until I met Olivia (and her Mom) that I'd really got any *real* feedback on it. That's why comments, emails and yes I'm going there, active Patrons, are so important. Because it let's me know what you are enjoying and want to see more of out of this decade-old experiment! If I don't get those things, then I don't know and, even worse, then I feel like I'm just wasting my time... Idol Minor isn't a huge draw after all. But it's an idea that's really special to me so if you want to see it post-Season 10 (even if you personally don't have/know kids that would want to participate - let me know!)

- In the spirit of "Let me know"... and the importance of comments... every season is a little different and I can only go on what I *see* and what I hear. Are Work Rooms still needed? Or would you rather go back to just doing that in Green Rooms? Green Rooms used to get too crowded, so I set up a dedicated space for it. I know that I've heard from Mentors that people really aren't contacting them for advise and to look things over this season they way they used to... and considering that I'm asking these folks for favors, I'm probably going to cut back on them *for now* and see how things go later in the season. But we'll see.

I like the idea that the "mood of this season" has been people sharing personal stories. That's how Idol started after all. It's nice to get back to the roots. :)

I do wish there were more people participating and *actually talking* in the Green Rooms and such. But that seems to be part of the current group dynamic and an issue of time with the folks who have shown up. (the numbers of people fighting to stay in week after week have been impressive enough that I can "forgive" them. Mostly. ;) )