December 7th, 2016

lj idol

Green Room - Week 2 - Day 8

The poll is still up: So make sure to get over there and give some love.

Who needs more of it? I'm sure there are entries where you are looking at the current results and saying "Wow - they deserve more attention!" Well, now is a good time to point people to them! Far better than waiting until they are eliminated!


We started cleaning out the attic last night. Which is funny, because all of it is from back when Cynthia was married to her ex, so there are a lot of their memories - and by "memories" I mean lots of random papers thrown into a box accompanied by boxes of computer disks which I'm sure contain *lots of really, really important data* that were thrown into a box and put into the attic back in the '90s! :)

There's a lot more to dig through though, so who knows what other important things are going to appear.

What's in *your* attic right now?

Heck, we can even get a bit meta with this, and what is in your creative/emotional attic, and do you really still need it?