November 23rd, 2016

lj idol

Green Room - Week 1 - Day 6

Good morning.

For me, the last day of sign-ups/the last day of the deadline is like Christmas morning where I'm about ready to see what is under the tree! It takes a really long time to fully unwrap it, and see the winner inside. But the experience itself - and the anticipation of it, is always really exciting! is where to post the links to your entries

and is where to sign-up.

Currently, we are waiting for a little less than 100 people to post their Week 1 entry. I'm predicting that there will be some folks who forgot to follow the community and thus already missed the first topic. (one of the dangers of a "slow start" is that people could wander off) Knowing Idolers though, there is probably going to be that traditional rush to post in the last couple of hours!

Today is a "short day" at work. Although I'm not entirely sure *how* short it is going to be. (Rumors being notoriously inconsistent)

For those of you in the US, what sort of Thanksgiving plans do you have? For those who aren't - what sort of turkeys have you been dealing with this week?
lj idol

Vote - Week 1

A few words from clauderainsrm:

Hello, and Welcome to Week 1 of LJ Idol, Season 10!

For those of you who might be coming into this without any real idea of what you are witnessing - this is the 10th full season of the one and only LJ Idol, a writing competition mixed with reality show mixed with sticking lit sticks of dynamite down your pants! It starts out slow, but picks up the pace along the way. So you are in for a treat!

178 brave souls signed up for this season - and from what I’ve seen from them so far, I think you are going to be finding some truly unique voices and just plain good stuff to read along the way.

We’ve had an extended “pre-season” this year, giving everyone a chance to warm up. But now things have gotten real, and the the season is truly getting started!

The topic this waek was “I Need The Struggle To Feel Alive”, which is a lyric from a Beach Slang song. In Idol, the “topic” is just the jumping off point - it’s that spark that will take our writers wherever inspiration takes them.

The contestants have been divided into two tribes, based on alphabetical order of their user names. So, in a way, the people who showed up for this season and the names that they have chosen to represent themselves are what has either helped them in the early rounds, or sealed their fate! *cue dramatic music*

The contestant with the entry that receives the fewest votes in each tribe will be eliminated.

So make sure that you are reading, commenting, and voting for your favorites to stay in the fight one more time! If you want to read more from them - the best way to ensure that is to show your support.

The polls will close on Tuesday, November 29th at 9pm EST!

Good luck to everyone!

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