November 13th, 2016

lj idol

Results - Week 0 - Newbies/Vote- Veterans

The newbies poll for Week 0 has ended. In a tie for the person with the most votes.

Congratulations to marlawentmad and my_name_is_jenn!

I considered doing a run-off, but have decided instead to simply award *two* advantages.

What are they?

I'll announce all the advantages after we finish with the Veterans!

You didn't think I was really going to forget about them did you?

Here, we're doing something a little different. Think of this Week 0 as a sampler platter of "ways Idol can work" during the season. It's a CONTESTANT ONLY VOTE!
What that means is that you have to be currently signed up to be a contestant for Season 10: and instead of a poll where everyone can click, you are going to be *emailing me* your choices.

In the case of something like this, I usually have a limit for the number of votes you can cast - and in this case that number is going to be 5. Yes, out of those entries, I need you to pick your TOP 5 (in alphabetical order please) and send them to

So go over to - Read, Comment and then send me your Votes! (Please make sure to identify yourself by user name)

The deadline to have your choices into me is Thursday Nov 17th at 7pm EST! Again, no elimination. The person with the entries that receives the most votes will receive an advantage in the game.

Good luck to everyone!