November 12th, 2016

lj idol

Green Room - Week 0 - Weekend Edition

Good (very early) morning. Or whenever you are reading this over the weekend. Just look outside, or at a clock and pretend that was what I just said to you about the time of day.


After an election cycle that pushed so many people to the breaking point, and still has some afraid - after weeks/months of being cited as someone calm and who is willing to talk about issues, I finally ended up going after someone with verbal knives on social media today.

It wasn't because of who he voted for though, or that he was coming onto someone else's FB thread and trying to stir up unrelated shit. It was, quite frankly, because he is a bad person and I've just gotten tired of pretending that he's not.

Of course, I may have stirred up some drama of my own, but thankfully I was hanging out with his daughter and his grandkids at the time and they were the ones who told me to "Go for it" in responding to him. So I think I was justified.

But then again, doesn't everyone?

No big moral lesson here. Just a slice of my life, in this moment. Expand on it however you will.


There is a poll for the newbies that is up right now:, so make sure to go check it out!

Sign-ups are still ticking upward. If you know someone who wants to get in on the action, now's a great time for them to do so!


Any weekend plans?