November 7th, 2016

lj idol

Green Room - Week 0 - Day 1

Good morning.

As I understand it, there are some "Americans" who think they are having some sort of "election" tomorrow. I'm not sure why. My army of flying monkeys are already on their way to take over.

Don't worry. I fully intend to be a firm, but just ruler - who only occasionally forces the population in battle to the death writing matches. Things will be fine!


Speaking of - yesterday was fairly busy, so here are some links for you!

The topic thread for newbies:

The topic thread for veterans:

The Work Room:


I've been asking some more questions, and rather than put them in the FAQ, I will answer them here:

- Are Sign-Up still open? Yes. Yes they are! Please keep spreading the word!

- When will sign-ups close? When I announce that they are closed. I will give you advance notice when that happens. :)

- I have an alt account, can I use that as well as my usual account? You can write under both accounts, but you can only vote with one. Also, if you are veteran, an alt doesn't make you a newbie. Please use the veteran link for Week 0 topic. Thanks!

- Can I promote LJ Idol in another community? Only with the permission of that community/group's owner/moderator/whoever it is that can make that sort of call. I don't want people promoting their stuff here without my OK, it's kind of rude IMO, and I don't want anyone doing that to someone else.

- Is LJ Idol a version of (insert another group here)? Heh. Nope. In fact the group that was directly asked about was founded by former Idolers who did the rare thing of actually getting banned from this site and went to make "their own version". (there's a long version of that tale, but that's the short one.) LJ Idol has always been LJ Idol. In 10 years, the closest thing I've ever heard that predates us, and the concept, is a Harry Potter fanfic group - as part of a bigger event, did a couple weeks where they wrote entries and voted on them. I've never seen that thread, but apparently it exists and happened a few months before I had the idea for Idol. We're our own thing, and I hope you will come to agree that it's a pretty great thing!*

(* I may be a bit biased)

- Is it true that I have an army of winged monkeys that are poised to take control of the United States and install me as dictator?
To be fair, there are also land sharks.


How was your weekend?