November 2nd, 2016

lj idol

Green Room - Sign Up Week - Day 2

You can still sign up for this season of LJ Idol! So please make sure to spread the word!

We're probably going to be keeping that open a little later than usual. But as I've said previously, I planned this as a "slow start" to get us through the NaNo period and maybe let people get their sea legs back, before ripping them back out from under you and throwing you into the pit of sharks!

Don't worry though - there will be stuff to do as we wait.

In the meantime, we have a Green Room!


We also have something that occurred to me as I was prepping this season. It doesn't matter what previous year we are talking about, there is always at least one person who tries a new format (cartoons, songs, youtube videos, etc) and a bit of push back that comes with it from some circles that say "that's not writing!"

There is also always someone who does "better" than you, personally, might think they deserve to do, because what they are doing isn't suited to your individual taste.

Which usually puts me into lecture mode, and at some point I bring up at writing, on any level, is going to garner differences of opinion and that even the winners for the Nobel Prize in Literature face the "That's should not have won!" stigma.

I say it all the time. This year? Oh 2016, after so much loss you wanted to give me a present didn't you?

Bob Dylan won for his lyrics.

I bring this up to not only head-off the discussion that I know I'm not really going to head-off, but also to tell you "It's OK. Do what you want to do. Express the things you want to say the way you want to express them."