November 1st, 2016

lj idol

Green Room - Sign Up Week - Day 1

The Season 10 sign up sheet is officially up:

So please make sure to spread the word. We've had a decent response so far, but the sooner we have a full house, the sooner we can get this thing rolling down the tracks to our inevitable doom.

People have been asking me: "Gary, why Season 10?"

and I've said, "Because it comes after Season 9."

They say, "Gary, why now? Isn't everyone in the world focused on the trainwreck we are calling the US Presidential election?"

and I say, "Yes. Which means that something with EVEN HIGHER stakes is needed! Something that truly matters - like who will be the next LJ Idol!"

People ask, "Kill kill kill"

and I say 'SHUT UP VOICES IN MY HEAD!!! NOT TODAY! NO. NOT TODAY... well, OK, maybe today... BUT NOT TOMORROW!!"


Anyway, it's nice to see you.

How have you been doing?
lj idol

Thanks Patrons!

Thank you so much to our Patrons, who help make all of this possible! (or at least give me an argument for "Why are you always on your computer?")

Thanks to


and our newest Patrons: beeker121 and lilmissmagic71

Want to check out the new incentives?


Note: I love our patrons, but I also really love and appreciate the people who give back by simply spreading the word about the community! Thank you to everyone who does so! I hope we are going to have a great season! is where people are continuing to sign up, make sure to stop by their posts to say "Hi!"