October 31st, 2016

lj idol

Season 10 - FAQ

I had previously said that the new FAQ was going to be "something special". In another place I said "unique".

It's both. Because for the first time, I let someone else put it together! :)

That person is one of the newest members of the 100 Weeks Club kathrynrose! I was planning on cutting and pasting some of her infamous welcome post anyway. So this worked out. ;)

If you have any further questions, that are not already covered in the FAQ, please post them in the comments and (hopefully) I will be able to answer them!

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lj idol

Season 10 Sign Up Sheet

The FAQ is up: http://therealljidol.livejournal.com/945497.html

I had said that Season 10 would start "at the end of October", and this is the final day of that month - and I just realized that today is the two year anniversary of when I found out that agirlnamedluna had died. Which means it's the most likely time for her to breach that veil between worlds and sign up for a new season! ;)

I guess it's time to get this ball rolling!

Here's how it works:

Post something on your LJ (or whatever you are going to use for Season 10) stating that you will be participating and then post a link to that notice back to this thread!

It helps spread the word, and gives you practice linking to the comment thread. (Note: this thread is for links only.)

One change from previous seasons, if you are a newbie - please say so when you link. We're going to have a purposefully slow start this season (you'll see why) and that's information I am going to need early on!

So start spreading the word - LJ Idol is back!!!