October 30th, 2016

lj idol

100 Weeks

You know that "oops" moment, where you realize that something you said wasn't entirely accurate?

Yeah. I had one late last night/early this morning right before going to bed. So I checked again. Because there was one contestant who was "kind of" close, but IMO outside the window of where the other seasons had been, so she wasn't going to pass that 100 weeks mark.

But something about it was nagging me. So I checked.

Sure enough - that was a season where she had blown the doors off! (on a longer than average season)

Which is why you are getting one more of these posts this weekend, and why we are welcoming


into the 100 Weeks Club!

lj idol

Thank You

They say that around Samhain, that the veils between the worlds is the thinnest. If that is true, I can't think of a better time to post this. To reach out and communicate with Idol past, and invite it into the future.

When we hit our 10 year anniversary over the summer, I wanted to specify thank everyone who had been apart of this crazy ride. But I didn't have the full list. Which is why I ended up reaching out to a few people known for their spreadsheets and combined them. No rest for the (very) wicked!

I've been using that new master list to track down the 100 Weeks, and in doing so I've found some people in seasons they weren't in, and some not mentioned who were in those seasons! So even this list might not be 100% accurate. Where there was an alt, I combined them into the "better known" name. But I'm quite sure that I've missed a few.

So if you see a name and you know it to be someone's alt, please email me at clauderainsrm@gmail.com (don't post it. No need to "out" anyone. :D)

Some of these people don't have LJs anymore. Some don't like me and aren't part of Idol anymore.

Some of them have passed on.

But the bulk of this list are people who I am hoping we will see again someday. (even the ones who don't like me.. well, except the banned ones. :D) All of them have made a difference in this community, and on this competition.

Thank you to all of you for making the last 10 years special! I hope to see you in Season 10, and whatever comes after that!

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