May 23rd, 2016

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Vote - Week 23

A few words from clauderainsrm:

We are at the Top 6 of Friends and Rivals, and things got even more intense this week when our writers took on 3 topics each.

Which means behind each link there are 3 different path ways - it’s like a Choose Your Own Adventure for readers, where every single path you go down is going to lead you somewhere awesome!

The three entries in one poll is something that has happened before. Actually it’s happened with more than 3 entries. It’s what I’ve referred to before as “the Portfolio” approach. Can you judge by how much you love one entry? Sure. But now you have 3 of them, so you can take a bigger picture approach (if you like) and help determine who it is that you want to see even more from in this mini-season.

We will be losing *1* contestant this week.

Yep. Just 1. You will be determining who makes the Top 5. But that’s not all you will be doing - there’s a “poll within a poll” this week.

I want YOU, yes YOU - the person reading this to send me the name/link of their FAVORITE entry this week. Anyone reading this qualifies. Just send that info to and I will be tabulating them. The writer with the entry selected as the favorite for the week will be given an advantage going into the next round. Which, considering how close we are to the end, that could very well be their own “golden ticket”.

The deadlines to vote in the poll are the same to send me the vote for your favorite entry: Friday, May 27th at 9pm EDT

So get out there - read, comment and vote for your favorites!

Good luck to everyone!

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