May 12th, 2016

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Green Room - Week 22 - Day 3

I had a lot to talk about today, but I've temporarily forgotten all of it! :)

I'm sure I'll remember later and put it in the comments...

OH! I have the first 12 potential topics for Season 10!! That's exciting! (Granted, about half of them were from the "not used" pile from Seasons 6-8. But I really like the new ones. It's still a way off, but I like what I have so far)

That's just one thing I was going to say. If I remember more as I go, I'll insert them. If not, as I said before - it'll be in the comments. :)


It's been an interesting week work wise. There was a water main break that shut us down early on Monday. They ordered porta potties, but as soon as they realized they wouldn't be in on time, they let us go. Or rather, they told us to leave and OUR bosses mentioned it us two hours after that decision. ;)

Yesterday, it was announced at 9 am that the building was shutting down. They told us at 11:30 that we were leaving at noon.

After making an 2 hour bus ride into work (my ride is about 2 hours and 15 minutes) I got a call telling me the office was closed and to turn around. I was in a "bad neighborhood" at the time, so I waited until I got to the bus depot (also in a bad neighborhood, but there are more people around) a few minutes later to hop off the bus and wait for the next one. (Plus - more options on what bus to take home)

When the bus was in sight, I got a phone call to come in!

The water main is still busted - so no running water/no restrooms. There have been talks that we will find out "in two hours" what is happening today. Which means we will find out a few hours after that. :)


While I'm waiting around to see what is going to happen next - YOU KNOW! You're going to write your entries and link them over at