May 11th, 2016

lj idol f&r

Green Room - Week 22 - Day 2

All the talk of "how things used to be" in Idol, and of course the anniversary has gotten me thinking "What are some *positive* changes?" I think a big one is that very few people have my phone number now. ;) I used to give it out, that and my work email - so that if someone had an issue that we could talk it out. You know how many people called to yell at me? Or tell me how much Idol sucked because (so-and-so) did better than "they should have"? (People doing "better than they should have" is pretty much always code for "I don't like their writing/how could anyone else?" ;) )

Yeah, more than a few.

How many people did I sit and talk to their bad days? Quite a few.

So maybe it's NOT as personal these days and I don't have the same good connections with everyone that I had in previous years. That also means that I don't get the same levels of the bad stuff either. ;)

And I don't mind the "talking through their bad days" bits - I'm only an email away if you really need to talk, or vent, about something.

It's just the "bad days" were frequently *really bad* and they usually ended up using Idol as something they could take it out on! (Because I *knew* they were having a bad time, why would I put that twist into the game now???" Um... maybe because the game isn't organized around your life and the twists have little to do with you?) That's the part I don't miss.

What else? Hmmm - I don't miss the trolling groups.

Although there is still a ways to go, I don't miss people not getting that all of the aspects of LJ Idol, and it operates on different levels, all of those are actually writing-related in that they correspond to things and distractions that all writers face day-to-day. (The Idol ones, IMO, tend to be more interesting! :D)

No death-threats and even the worst "this is stressing me out" email hasn't been anywhere near the "LJ Idol ruined my life!!!!" level.

So good job folks on being sane. Or at least "sane".

Now that I think of it, I wish double quotes were a thing ""sane"" because that's pretty questionable with this group. ;)


Speaking of not knowing about sanity levels - there's a Topic thread: