May 10th, 2016

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Green Room - Week 22 - Day 1

Still reeling a little from last night:

Which, that's when you know that Idol is "appointment TV", or "appointment Internet", when you're never quite sure what is going to happen next. Heck, I set the schedule and the twists and I wasn't 100% sure (especially there at the end with the surge) about what was going to happen. I certainly wouldn't have predicted those results - in fact, when I saw the byes being used in what *felt* like a strategic fashion (it could have all been coincidence of people just needing time off - and probably was, but "strategic" is a better narrative, so I'm going with that! :D) I thought I saw the writing on the wall for someone else!

I also knew that my own twist on the votes would be unexpected in that spot, so that it would put things a little more up in the air.

That said, the poll is closed, so I can address a question that was put out there into the cyber-ether: the moral implications of byes.

Do they exist? Yes.

(Both byes and morals both exist, although some would say the latter are social constructs and the former are Gary constructs)

I'll go with this angle to it: Have there been people who, in the finals, have used, as one piece of their argument, "I never used a bye"? Yes. There have been. They were proud of that fact. They weren't judging others for needing to do so, but that was an accomplishment that they didn't.

Have there been times when someone was "boxed in" by byes? Where they didn't have one left and everyone else - or nearly everyone else - used them, at least one time I *know* (because they told me) that it was an in a purposeful strategic act to get rid of them or force them into an one-on-one with someone they thought was more likely to survive? Yes. That has happened as well.

There are moral arguments to be made with just about everything we do in our lives. Some people disagree with that, but those people are wrong. ;)

Most of the time though it's not going to be "light and dark"/"good and bad". I won't say that there are shades of grey, or how many there are, because you are writers and people who love writing in general and I don't want to injure your souls with those words. :)

All of that said - Idol is a game. It's writing. It's a game. It's a community. It's all of these things and a whole lot more to a lot of people. People decide how they are going to get to the end. Some people are going to clash along the way, when tempers get high.

People are going to approach things with different levels of comfort. And that's OK. As long as everything is above the belt and no one is trying to "game the system", it's all good.

Ultimately, all you can do is focus on your writing and make sure that it's something you are proud of that you are putting out into the public eye. Because everyone, except one person, is going to be eliminated over the next couple weeks. "Not winning" is pretty much guaranteed. But there are more ways to win than ending up in the victory circle at the end - and the best way (IMO) is to be true to who you are and putting out writing that makes you proud of what you have accomplished.

That's the true moral victory.

(Which isn't the same as an Idol victory. An Idol victory is the best victory of all!!!)

Speaking of victories - the new topics are up, for you to use to get one step closer: and a new Work Room to use to help you: