May 4th, 2016

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Green Room - Week 21- Day 2

I was looking at the Top 10, trying to figure out if I had anything to say to them individually. I was asked to do so by a contestant, and I like to try to follow up on these types of requests.

So I took a look - and I realized something. Of the Top 10, 7 of them are on my "They are going to win" mental list. Which isn't to say that the other 3 are dead in the water. Quite the contrary, I think they actually have pretty strong chances to make it to the end and could pull off an upset. What I'm saying, or attempting to say, at the very least is that I can easily come up with scenarios where it's any one of 7 of the remaining 10 contestants that ends up in the winner's circle, and people being really happy about it.

I even, briefly, considered a "Why you won't win" list with the same sort of anonymous listing of factors of why I thought all 10 might end up going out. But I'm not sure that's entirely constructive, even if I'm probably right. ;) (Obviously I will be wrong about one of them!)


In other news: May the 4th Be With You!

I also saw that the new Ghostbusters trailer had the worst reviews of all time. My first thought was "F- the MRAs" because they have been trashing this movie since it was first revealed there would be an all-female cast. I've actually been pretty excited about the movie.

Then I watched the trailer. It's definitely not *the worst* trailer of all time. But my excitement for the film has definitely taken a hit. Really hoping that it's better than it seems, because I really don't want to give the MRAs an "We told you so!" moment. (which would have *nothing* to do with having an all-female cast", but that would certainly give them ammunition in the "See, we're not being sexist, we just knew it was going to be bad" argument)


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