May 1st, 2016

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Green Room - Week 20 - Weekend Edition

What has surprised me over the last couple of months is how popular dabbin' seems to be with suburban white middle school kids. Almost every photo we take these days has a dab and non-dab version to it. ;)

I mention this because I was aware of the dab and a little bit of where it came from, so I wasn't *that* surprised to see it start happening in my every day life. Well, I was... but it does make sense. If the elbow goes up to show your confidence, who needs to be making a show of confidence more than middle school students?

There was one cultural phenomenon though that completely blindsided me yesterday, to the point that I had to look it up to see if it was a really a thing or just one person. It's nothing that has appeared in my own life, other than in a discussion of "stuff that happens".

Funeral selfies.

I looked it up. It's a thing. It's actually (apparently) fairly common among a section of the population. I'd never heard of it. Which made me wonder if funeral dabbin was a thing. I didn't find any links any "think pieces" on it, but I'm sure it is... if it's not, it will be soon.

And since I mentioned it online - that also means there is now funeral dabbin' porn available, possibly Hitler-related funeral dabbin porn.

You're welcome internet.

You're welcome.


Also of note - this poll: Read, comment and vote for your favorites! It won't eliminate anyone, but it will give a couple people a leg up in these final weeks, that could help determine who is going to win this thing!