April 18th, 2016

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Green Room - Week 18 - Day 7

Kids today!

They want everything, and they want it right now! ;)


Seriously though - is it worth waiting to have a woman on the US currency $20? If it was originally said that the change should happen to the $10 (because that was the next one set to be updated) should that proceed, regardless of the sudden popularity of Alexander Hamilton?

Should they just change both? Who should be on them?

Personally, I think all images currency should be changed to pictures of LJ Idol winners. I'm pretty sure there are some island nations that have already done this.

There will be no delay in the poll results though: http://therealljidol.livejournal.com/921038.html Those are coming tonight! So make sure to make your support for your favorites known!
lj idol f&r

Results - Week 18

It's been another week of difficult decisions and a few surprises (for me at least).

One of them was the dmousey sacrifice. Which is both difficult, and surprising. Well, it was at the time it was posted at least.

Which means there are two more people who will be leaving this week.

They are:

lordrexfear (who has done *amazing* this season! Really glad that you decided to jump back into the pool!)

and... well, it was *supposed* to be halfshellvenus. But it is NOT.

Why? Because I have a standing order on what to do if she is ever about to be voted out... someone else is throwing themselves onto the sword to keep her in the running.

Which means that we are instead losing rayaso!!

Seriously - you are all really different writers, at different stages of your craft. But I've loved having all of you here this mini season, and I hope we will continue to see you in the Home Game, and around here - cheering on your favorites!
lj idol f&r

Topic - Week 19

Congratulations to our Top 15!

That's exciting! Top 15!

That's a really specific and important number isn't it?

Sure it is. That means we can have 3 groups of 5.

Oh, sorry - what I meant to say that in the Work Room, when it comes up, you will be dividing yourself into 3 groups of 5!

Maybe The Rivals need a little bit of the ole Team spirit! :)

There are 5 choices of Topics - but this time around, each member of the group needs to be writing a different one!

That should make things a little more interesting!

Your choices are:

I can do that
Greatest Hits Record
Que l'enfer, c'est seulement Canada

Please make sure to identify which one you are doing when you submit the link.

Speaking of - all entries must be linked back to this thread by Friday, April 22nd at 8pm EDT

Have fun!
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Work Room - Week 19

If I gave you some sort of topical writing related concept to ponder and discuss, you would ignore it.

Especially with the information from the topic post: http://therealljidol.livejournal.com/921736.html

So I'm just going to say that this is a good spot for you to come up - and declare - your groups of 5, and generally freak out. Because I'm sure there's going to be some general freaking out! :)

Which topic do you like the best - and how are you going to organize your new group?