April 6th, 2016

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Green Room - Week 17 - Day 2

One of the most difficult things for me to learn over the years has been "people have different tastes, and that's OK". Sure, I had enough experience even back in high school on a literary magazine and was exposed to the idea, on a regular basis, that my tastes didn't always mesh with other folks.

But I knew they were wrong. ;)

I still know they are wrong, but I'm more accepting of it.

That comes up quite a bit in Idol. "Gary only voting" would look as different, with different results, as "anyone else only" voting would look like.

Because, even if people "tend to agree" on something or have "similar tastes" - when push comes to shove, there are areas where one person might like something more than another.

I actually took that power out of my own hands by voting for everyone - so that when it came down to 1 vote making a decision about who stays and who goes, that vote wasn't mine!

Which isn't easy to sit back and watch other people make the decisions about how things will play out in something so close to me - but that's the power I gave *you*, and I hope you use it responsibly.

(and yes, I will often think you are wrong! But that's OK!)

Given how close this entire mini-season has been, results-wise, and the fact that we are down to the Top 21, I can only predict that it's going to continue to be that way - with every week being a stunning loss of someone that folks have been enjoying all season long, folks that many of us thought were going all the way (or close to it - and let's face it, we are all "close to it" right now!)

So, if everyone's tastes are different - what exactly is *Gary* looking for? Because we know his vote doesn't matter, so who really cares what he thinks!

- "Have I read this before?" Idol's rapidly approaching it's 10 anniversary. Story-telling has been around forever. But give me something original!

- I want to walk away from reading your entry feeling like I've learned something about you, or that we've connected. Regardless of the format.

- I want each season/mini-season to play out in it's own way. If it was the same final 10 in each season, that would be extremely dull. Fortunately, we always seem to have new blood each season and even if there are people who frequently do well, Real Life has a ability to have a huge impact on our proceedings!

- I want a compelling finale! Closely matched competitors, writing their fingers to the bone all the way to the end! I want the type of spectacle that people can't help but want to watch, but that, when the dust settles, most folks would be happy with any of them being the ultimate victor!

What are some things *you* look for to determine how you would like the "end game" to play out?


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