March 17th, 2016

How I Roll
  • kithan

Green Room - Day.. something.

Probably should have checked on the day before posting. Gary will punish me later.

Hello detainees contestants and other readers/supporters! It is I, the MIA tech support, reporting in live from my cubicle at work. Fortunately my boss works from home... in Oklahoma.

Here is your Green Room for today. The chief is at the dentist, probably undergoing some form of torture. I would say I feel bad for him, but we all know it would be a lie.

I'm supposed to tell you not to forget to vote! Vote vote vote! I'm a big proponent of voting. Vote!

Meanwhile... here is a nice breakfast buffet for you all with bottomless bacon.

(For those who don't know... this is actually how Gary and I talk to each other.)