March 16th, 2016

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Green Room - Week 14 - Day 2

Good morning Idol!

I'd like to thank the voter who came out to support me in my re-election as Emperor of 'Merica yesterday!

That voter was, of course, me. But I'd like to thank him anyway. Clearly he has the best interests of my great nation in mind!

I would also like to thank President Obama for inquiring about my name as Supreme Court nominee. I had to say "No", because Idol has been keeping me too busy. I'm looking forward to seeing who his second choice ended up being.


One of those things that has been keeping me busy, is keeping *you* busy with the new topic thread:

It's due TONIGHT, so make sure to get it in!

Btw - I just checked my original FAQ and I've been misquoting myself! I've been saying that the teams lasted until "the Top 30". But nope. Per *me*, they last until the "Top 25 or until there is only 1 team left".

Byes I've been saying last until the Top 25... and nope, it's Top 20! :)

Then again, I also said this would last under 6 months, and it's looking like it will be a little longer. ;) So maybe "5 off" is a theme. ;)

Honestly, I think my revised statements make things more interesting. But that's what I said, so I'm honoring it.

(as often as people love to correct me, I'm surprised no one did!)
lj idol f&r

Vote - Week 14

A few words from clauderainsrm:

It was a short time to write. So of course it’s going to be a longer time to read and make up your mind about what it is you want to support.

But before we get to that - we had two contestants who did not make it to the deadline, and who had come in from Second Chance, so they did not have any byes to spare.

Which means that we unfortunately have to say goodbye to

barrelofrain and uselesstinrelic

Thank you so much to both of you. I hope that we will see you in the Home Game (or if anyone decides to “tag out”!)

As for the rest of you -

And for the voters who are lucky enough to have the opportunity to read your work… the time frame to write may have been short, but there is a lot of great stuff out there!

Two contestants will be leaving us from the Friends teams and two of them will be leaving from the Rivals! Which should put us in some very interesting territory.

The poll closes Monday, March 21st at 9pm EDT

Good luck to everyone!

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