March 10th, 2016

lj idol f&r

Green Room - Week 13 - Day 3

After last night's brutal Survivor episode, I started worrying that people in LJ Idol might start passing out from the extreme heat as well.

So I decided to start looking for some medical professionals who were available on stand-by in case we had any emergencies. You never know when a writing-related injury might happen.

Fortunately, there was a guy who seems really qualified, and comes highly recommended by his soon-to-be former employer. They had a lot of great things to say about him and apparently just want to quickly get him into a new position, far away.

So please help me welcome our new medical personnel - Dr Luke!


Speaking of Second Chances, there is a poll going on:

(ending tonight!!!)

that will determine who will be joining the main competition, already in progress:
lj idol f&r

Second Chance Gauntlet - Final Week Results

With the amount of talent in that poll, it's no wonder why it ended up being so close, especially in the last hour!

In the end though, there are 4 contestants joining the fray!

Welcome back to


and thank you to the others. I hope we will continue to be able to read your work in the Home Game!

To those 4 coming into the game, your entries are due tomorrow night:

So congratulations, now get to work!