March 7th, 2016

lj idol f&r

Results - Week 12

We are losing 5 contestants today.

That's what I said when I posted the poll - 4 from "The Friends" and 1 from "The Rivals" side of things.

Which means we should start with the easiest and work out way up: There was a sacrifice in The Rivals. If you've read the entries, you were expecting this. But if you somehow missed it, sarcasmoqueen is leaving us.

As for the rest, that is where things get difficult. We are losing some really great people, and talented writers. The only solace is that this is the final week for Second Chance Gauntlet, so they, are anyone else, have a shot at getting back into the fray.

That said, goodbye (for now) to:

Gossamer Steamroller's eternal_ot
Team #Hack's reckless_blues
Team Strawberry Snuggle's roina_arwen
The Geek Squad's banyangirl1832

Thank you for coming out this season and I hope that we will see you in the SCG - and if not, then in the Home Game!! (and of course the Green Room cheering on your favorites)
lj idol f&r

Topic - Week 13

You know the drill by now, but in case you don't...

Here are the topics. You only have to pick one of them:

Life is art
Missing the Trees for the Forest
Every silver lining has a cloud
All that is gold does not glitter
Love and loss

Write your entry.
Come back here and link your entry by Friday, March 11th at 8pm EST

and of course, Have Fun!