March 2nd, 2016

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Green Room - Week 12 - Day 2

Week 3 of the Second Chance Gauntlet has started: which means this is the next to last chance to decide who will be coming back into the competition! We've already seen a few who have come in with renewed vigor and focus. Hopefully that will be enough for the folks currently in the game to know that they need to kick their own work up to the next level as well! is where the new entries are being posted!


I was asked a couple questions yesterday - and the thing about questions is that you know for every person asking them, there are a least two people *not* asking about it!

So I will cover my response here:

The questions concerned what happens after you are eliminated.

Are you welcomed in the Green Room? HELL YES. You don't have to be a current contestant to hang out in the Green Room!!!

... in the Work Room? HELL YES!

... in the Topic post? No. Don't post there. That is for contestants only.

... in Second Chance? Hell yes! Sign up for another shot!

... in Home Game threads? Those will start after Second Chance ends. But once they do, of course you can post there! That's kind of the point, to give people not in the competition to post!

... in 'Merica? No. Stay away. That fence just got 10 feet taller!