February 21st, 2016

lj idol f&r

Green Room - Week 10 - Weekend Edition

Good afternoon Idolers!

The poll is up and going: http://therealljidol.livejournal.com/897530.html so remember to get out there: Read, Comment, Vote - and Tell a Friend to Do the Same!

dmousey had a mishap with her entry and had to repost it. So the new link has been added to my post. (For those who don't know, you can't change a LJ poll in progress, you would have to delete the entire thing and start over, in this case that would mean all those votes received would be gone. I know that people are always asking me about that.)

I know that we've had someone delete their entry on purpose before, But to the best of my memory, this is an Idol first. So "congratulations". ;)


I hope you are having more fun this weekend than a hamster running around in a ball.

(I say this because I am currently watching a hamster running around in his ball. He seems to be having a really good time)