December 16th, 2015

lj idol f&r

Green Room - Week 2 - Day 6

*racist meme*
*racist rant*
*rant about racism*
*sexist meme*
*racist and sexist meme*
*rant about people spoiling the new Star Wars movie*
*post about the new Star Wars movie*
*post about not caring about the new Star Wars movie*
*pictures of kids*
*racist rant*
*War on Christmas*
*cat pictures*

There. Now you don't have to check facebook!

Here at Idol all you have to hear about is those damn foreigners who are threatening to come over the borders to take our jobs and threaten our security and how we need to build a wall to keep them out... damnit, I'm going to have to sue someone for taking my "thing" aren't I? ;)

At least you can't get an old cranky guy yelling at the kids to stay off his lawn...

Damnit... I really think that US politicans need to start cutting me royalty checks!

But what you can't get anywhere else is some kickass entries: and

That I can guarantee!

So make with the clickies for your favorites! (and spread to word!)