December 11th, 2015

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Green Room - Week 2 - Day 1

Good morning.

Last night was our first eliminations of Friends and Rivals:

The first time people get to choose which topic to do:

and of course there was also a Work Room:

There are some really interesting conversations happening over in that Work Room, so I would suggest that you go check them out when you have the chance.

I was asked a couple of questions, and continuing the trend of taking things asked that others might be wondering and putting them out there I'll post them here:

- How was the voting this time?

In a regular season, the first couple weeks can be a bit "iffy". Not overly so, but there is almost always some newbie who has friends who get a little too excited and create accounts to vote with.

This time - it was almost all contestants voting.  (with a few alumni. I knew almost all the names)  Which, of course is both good and bad. It's good for the "maintaining intergrity of the poll" way - but bad in the sense of I always want more readers - to I want more people to see what it is that you are doing here.  You deserve it. (and let's be honest - I think Idol deserves it!)

So continue to maintain that integrity, but also get the word out!  It's early yet, and in a difficult time of year to get people to actually do anything. But there's a lot of great stuff coming out from our writers - and it's only going to get better.

We also have the "under 100 contestants" thing happening that will mean there are fewer people reading. In a regular season there are almost 3 times at amount!!!

- Can we "do extra credit" (write an entry for more than one topic) to get a bye back (if we had to use one in Week 1)

That's a two parter:
- Can you write more than one entry? Of course. One is your actual entry and any others are for the "Home Game".  There's currently not a separate thread, but you can post them in Green Rooms or Work Rooms.

- Will it count for anything? Give you an extra bye?  Of course not.

You can however get byes from contestants as a "gift bye" (where they sacrifice one of theirs to give to you).  You can also join a team that is pooling their byes, and have access to additional ones.

- Speaking of joining a team - you have until 24 hours before the topic deadline email me any changes to your team.  Do you want to add someone (you can have up to 5) or someone wants to change teams/become an individual.... do you want to change the team name?
Anything team related needs to be sent to me at by that cut-off point. You send it beforehand, then it's on me if something is wrong. You send it after - it's on you.  Never make it be on you. ;)


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