December 9th, 2015

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Green Room - Week 1 - Day 9

What do you need?

Not "want" - there's a lot of those.... and heck, not even need as in water, air, and food... so I guess it's more of a "need".

What would transform your life if it would happen?

I'm not even thinking about the "if I got a ton of money" - because even that money itself would be the tool that you could use to get that "need" dealt with.

You get some sort of magic wish - what is it that you are changing about your life that makes everything better?

Once you get it though - I wonder if it does...

This made more sense last night. I was going to write it then and just leave it to this morning to post, but ran out of time.    Perhaps "more time" would transform my life.  ;)


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