February 16th, 2015

idol 9

Green Room - Week 37 - Day 7

(this weekend) Oh man, I can't wait to talk about that in Monday's Green Room!!!"

(now) *crickets in my brain*

If anyone can remember what it was that I wanted to talk about, let me know!

Maybe it was the importance of writing ideas down when you have them, so you can go back to them later! :)

The poll closes today, and it's *really* close http://therealljidol.livejournal.com/837688.html so if you have some last bits of love you want to send out to the universe on someone else's behalf, now would be the time to do so!
idol 9

Results - Week 37

I've already mentioned this to the person going - but from here on out, if you WANT me to tell you "which one was you". I will. I can do it in public or private. Honestly, we will probably have more of a discussion if it's in private. I know you people well enough to know that I'm probably going to get follow-up questions. ;) But that's up to you.
Just let me know.

(Clarification: I will tell you which of the "10 anonymous comments" that I left earlier in the week was about you - when you are eliminated.)


Since one of the results is obvious, I'm going to go to the second one first.

Because immunities came into play, which makes things "interesting". You know, as in "May you live in Interesting Times" kind of "interesting".

First we had the Quick Fire - where the Judges gave immunity to lrig_rorrim. Which is probably why her vote count was low in the first place, because a lot of people knew that.

Because of the votes, she would have been eliminated - but thanks to immunity, she was not.

This week we also had the Jury vote giving someone immunity. Most weeks it's close, and I tell you "It was really close and a tough decision". Some people roll their eyes and think "That's just Gary making it dramatic". But it's true. When I say "it was close", I mean "damn, that was close!!"

This wasn't close. It was a bit of a blow-out actually.

The Jury gave immunity to hosticle_fifer!


Which, he was the next one on the chopping block. So he is safe.

The next fewest votes - that's a tie. Which means that in Week 38, the Redemption Tribe is coming back into service. Mark your calendars: crisp_sobriety vs kickthehobbit in a head to head showdown!


Now for the bad part - the actually saying goodbye to someone.

Granted, I've known him long enough that I could make a joke about enjoying kicking him out and finally having the satisfaction this season.

Part of me would mean it. :)

But in truth, it's good that Sean is the only one leaving this week, because he's one of a kind and deserves the spotlight.

Does he drive me absolutely crazy with his last minute posting? Hell yes!

Are his entries always worth the wait? Hell yes.

talon is everything you think he is, positive *and* negative - with more layers tucked inside of that.

He's also a good friend to have and one hell of a writer, who had *better* be using his new free time to actually *do more with his writing*. Unless he wants to be kicked like a hippie.

To tell the truth, it kind of sucks to be saying goodbye to him and I know a lot of other people feel the same. (edit to add: It is part of the game though, and it sucks to lose *anyone*... before anyone says "Who would Gary want to eliminate???" :p )
idol 9

Topic - Week 38

You've sweated it out for nearly a year - maybe it's time to take a rest.

Or perhaps it's not.

That's *entirely up to you*.

There are two entries that need to be posted this week: One of them is whatever topic you have left from

Intersubjectivity, Shibusa, rapture of the deep, captcha the flag, the bystander effect, overwatch

The second one is Open Topic

Now comes the twist! You knew there was going to be a twist, right?

This is CHAMPIONS week. You only have to write one of these entries. You can take on either one.

The other is to be completed *by your champion*. (Someone who is not currently in the competition, and ideally someone who has *not* been involved in this season.), another writer who may end up holding your fate in their hands. So choose wisely!

Both entries must be linked back to this post by Thursday, Feb 19th at 9pm EST

Have fun!